Innovation ? Crazy..


What's innovation, and how can we get it? We believe this issue is always existed in heart of each designer. Even we are also troubled by the source of innovation or creativity.

Sometime we will follow some design way, design guide, etc., or z crazy way like the brainstorming. It is undeniable that can have good results. In fact, the best innovation is to solve the problems we are experiencing.

First, we would like to emphasize that life is a very important source of creativity by observing. When we drink coffee, we may take the cup, smell the coffee fragrance or seee the billboards. And think, why the cup designed on this shape, color, weight, is it good to take? Coffee, what baked, sour or bitter? Is the font style of billboard comfortable?

Second, whether each issue has been really discussed, and the design must be focused on user-centered to identify the fesbility of innovation. We don't think that innovation should be very different or particular.

Record these observations and think what problems we have to solve. Rely on some simple design methods to import more in-depth discussion. Then we can analyze the feasibility of each design and the problem will be more specific.