Purely style


Why emphasize the purely style?

Product is made for people, we value the user-centered to plan a product design, so the position of product should be definited and clarified in the early stage of product development. There is no unnecessary function, no exaggerated color to impact visual psychology. That should be the basic design for one product.
Purely design should emphasize product positioning cleayly, there is no complex or unneeded function.
Purely is a style and also a necessary design guideline. We focus not only on appearance, but also emphasize the usability of each function.

As mentioned above, parts design and marketing definition are two important factors to affect a product style. This is also designers need to face the challenge before establish one style. How to evaluate the disassembly of the product design, and balance the needs of the marketing trend? Combination of straight line and curve, surface design and combined components. All details to constitute a product and that also affect the characteristics of product's composition.